Our team is small but passionate, and we each bring our years of experience and passion to an industry ready to be shaken up.

Adrian Willey, Head Distiller

Our head distiller, Adrian, defines himself as “obsessed”. Obsessed with still design. Obsessed with the minute variations in each distillation run. And, most importantly, obsessed with quality. Adrian has spent years building and doing, from fixing up old cars with his dad to working as a contractor. He brings his hands-on approach to the distillery, where each and every individual spirit must meet his high standards.

Oliver Gothe, Distillery Manager

Oliver has a desire to create. From running small businesses in college to his work here at the distillery, Oliver has always wanted to make something he could share with the world. Oliver started as a homebrewer and, through his attention to every detail, wound up winning local beer and wine competitions. He believes that spirits can be his way to give something good back to the community that he loves.

Matthew Jelen, Sales Director

Matt joined the team after nearly a decade in the booze business. Heading up our sales and marketing efforts he is expanding our footprint across the Bay Area. He has also recently taken over the running of our tasting room, educating our customers, making them laugh, and teaching folks a little history. His passion for the business and commitment to excellence make him a perfect fit for our team.

We are here to share our love creation and our community with you